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Weaving Philip Glass's Opening, 2024

textile, sound, video

Opening | right hand
Opening | left hand
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"Weaving Glass's Opening" delves into the intersection of weaving and music. Converting the auditory melodies into tangible textures, it translates the Opening of Philip Glass into woven fabric. The project seeks to decompose and reconstruct common understandings of weaving and music history while using modern technology to interpret the relationship between the two.

In this piece, I chose the first movement 'Opening' of Philip Glass’s chamber music Glassworks. Glass describes the music he composes as 'music with repetitive structures,' akin to the repetitive patterns and structures found in weaving. The weaving pattern evolves solely from the musical notes, creating an unpredictable journey until the weaving draft takes form. Creating this artwork is a process filled with surprises and the thrill of discovery. I hope the audience can simultaneously feel the similarity between weaving and music. The repetitive texture of textiles and Philip Glass's repetitive notes both contribute to this shared experience.

Check out the paper Woven Symphony: Exploring the Parallels Between Weaving and Music here.

woven fabrics | weaving drafts | drafts as scores

the musical scores

where is it on the woven fabric and the scores

The video visually maps the alignment between the music and its corresponding positions on both the fabric and the musical score.

Installation | at the Quiet House in Black Mountain College's Lake Eden Campus

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