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Qianwen Yu is an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago. She holds an MFA in Film, Video, New Media, and Animation from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2020). Qianwen's practice is defined by her deep fascination with exploring the intersections of visual and auditory experiences, often blurring the boundaries between the two. She reimagines experiments from 20th-century Modernism in weaving, sound, animation, and architecture within the contemporary moving-image arena. Her works have showcased at the Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center, Hyde Park Art Center, Woman Made Gallery, and Evanston Art Center in Chicago, Anifilm Festival in Czechia, Anibar International Film Festival in Kosovo, and Supertoon International Festival in Croatia. Through her dynamic and innovative practice, Qianwen seeks to push the boundaries of artistic expression and engage audiences in thought-provoking conversations about the interplay of sensory experiences and creative processes.

With a background in architecture and drawing, Qianwen explores the intricate relationship between weaving and music in her practice. Through projects like translating musical compositions into woven textures and creating symphonies from weaving drafts, she investigates the symbiotic nature of these two art forms. By utilizing modern technology alongside historical research, Qianwen delves into the shared principles and concepts underlying weaving and music, revealing surprising parallels and inviting audiences to contemplate the interconnectedness of these two art forms.


(photo credit: Baiqian Zhang)

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