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2-Legged-World (2018)

In a world without humanity, sun and moon rise and fall at the same time, floating lotus flowers cover the surface of water. Looking through the tunnel, there is a two-legged world.

Directed and animated by Qianwen Yu
Music and Sound by Guzz - 深绿色的水雾 and

Underland (2017)

Constructs a surreal world shaped as a human body. The desert depicts the outside world and the exterior of the body. Entering the ear canal allows one to enter this quiet, unique, yet highly technical setting that serves as a place of ceremony while also being connected with outer space.


Animate & edit: Qianwen Yu
Music by Nara's Shadows, Aube's Blau, Michael Stearns's Pagan


Editing: Qianwen Yu
Music by: Devil Doll's The girl who was...death

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